Echo of the war and memory in our hearts

In honor of the 75th anniversary of the Victory Day in the great Patriotic war (World War II), SSAP LLP has created an electronic database of relatives of employees who participated in the great World war II.
Eternal glory to the liberating heroes!

Dyusembayev Temirtas Nauryzbaevich (grandfather of the chief Manager -Nurmysheva Saule Yerezhepovna)

Zhamaliev Shaken Dyusenovich (father of the head of the security service-Zhamaliev Kosmanay Shakenovich)

Dobchinsky Pyotr Osipovich (grandfather of the chief mechanic-Alexander Dobchinsky)

Esemuratov Abdikadir, Esemuratov Yeleysin (cousins of supervising engineer of buildings and structures - Erenay Zhumakhan Orientaiyly)

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