Awarding anniversary medal

      Serik Orazalin master of the section for maintenance of technological equipment, was presented and awarded from SSAP LLP the anniversary medal "25 years of Kazakhstan Constitution".
      During his work at the sulfuric acid plant, he proved to be a highly qualified specialist. Firmly knows the technical characteristics of the equipment, the technological process of sulfuric acid production. Competently manages the work on improving the skills and professional skills of subordinates, training them in second and related professions. Thanks to the experience and knowledge of Serik Orazalin, the pumps for pumping acid at the site of shipment of finished products were modernized. In this connection, an emergency stop of the acid pumping station was prevented, deviations in the delivery of finished products and downtime of tanks were avoided.
      He has 36.6 years of total experience (in the chemical industry-about 15 years) and an impeccable reputation.


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