The new facility is located in the production areas of the current sulfuric acid production of LLP "SMCC", taking into account the use of the existing infrastructure of this enterprise (buildings and equipment, currently available and in working condition at the moment, such as warehouses of sulfur and finished goods, unit for unloading raw materials from the railway transport, water rotation cycle, chemical water purification, tail gas cleaning plant, access roads and railways, administrative and household premises and canteen), which led to a reduction of project’s common cost.

        The technology used for sulfuric acid production from lump sulfur is modern and effective - the conversion of raw materials to the target product reaches 93%. At the same time, the technology is safe for the environment from the point of view of ecology.

        The production of sulfuric acid can be divided into the main stages:

  • Reception of lump sulfur in the warehouse and placement in the warehouse;
  • Storage in bulk and transfer of lump sulfur;
  • Melting of lump sulfur, filtration and delivery to the furnace burners;
  • Receipt of dry air and burning of liquid sulfur in the furnace with SO2 (sulfur dioxide);
  • Catalytic conversion of SO2 to SO3 on a vanadium catalyst;
  • Absorption of SO3 and production of sulfuric acid;
  • Dilution of sulfuric acid to commercial concentration and dispatch to the warehouse;
  • Storage of finished goods in the warehouse and shipment to the consumer.
  • Sulfuric acid belongs to the category of major large-tonnage products of the chemical industry. World production of sulfuric acid over the past five years has grown by 20% (in 2007 it exceeded 200 million tons).

  • The chemical formula - H2SO4
  • The relative molecular weight - 62.03 a.m.u.
  • The molar mass - 98.078 g/mol
  • Melting temperature - 10.38 °C
  • Boiling temperature - 279.6 °C
  • The density of the substance - 1.8356 g/cm3
  • Solubility - is mixed in all ratios of g/100 ml
  • State (st. con.) - colorless, oily liquid without smell.