The technology used for the production of sulfuric acid from lump sulfur is modern and efficient – the transition of raw materials to the target product reaches 93%. At the same time, the technology is safe for the environment from the point of view of ecology.

Production can be divided into the following main stages:

Acceptance of lump sulfur to the warehouse and placement in the warehouse

Bulk storage and movement of lump sulfur

Melting of lump sulfur, filtration and delivery to the furnace burners

Obtaining dry air and burning liquid sulfur in a furnace to produce SO2 (sulfur dioxide)

Каталитическая конверсия SО2 в SО3 на ванадиевом катализаторе

SO3 absorption and sulfuric acid production

Dilution of sulfuric acid to commercial concentration and shipment to the warehouse

Storage of finished products in a warehouse and shipment to the consumer

JV SAP Kazatomprom LLP produces technical sulfuric acid according to GOST 2184-2013.

In the accredited testing laboratory of the enterprise, regular quality control is carried out. 

Shipment of products can be carried out both in railway tanks and in vehicles.  

We offer you to familiarize yourself with the standard contract for the supply of sulfuric acid.