Current vacancies :

Chief Manager of the Planning and Economic Department
Head of the Capital Construction Department (temporarily, for the project period)
Construction Supervision Engineer (temporarily, for the duration of the project)
Estimate engineer (Estimator) temporarily, for the period of the project
Head of the Procurement Organization Department

The staff of SSAP LLP is a team of professionals, which is a key link and the most important resource in achieving the strategic objectives facing the Partnership, the basis of success and the key to its sustainable development in the future.

An employee is the main value of our Partnership. We are interested in attracting highly qualified, talented, energetic and experienced specialists focused on building long-term relationships and professional development with us. We invite people who are ready to share our values and contribute to the development of the Partnership.

Samruk Qyzmet Unified Job Platform

We also inform you that on September 5, 2019 JSC “NWF “Samruk-Kazyna” launched a Single job platform Samruk Qyzmet. The site is a digital employment platform that provides opportunities to search for vacancies in the Fund’s group of companies. Use this link to view current vacancies in SSAP LLP –

A social package is valid for all employees of SAP LLP:

Travel of employees to and from their place of work is carried out by buses at the expense of the employer;
Employees of SSAP LLP are provided with financial assistance (in the amount of 2-month official salaries/ tariff rates) for recovery when providing paid annual leave;
Therapeutic and preventive nutrition (own canteen, employees’ meals are provided at the expense of the employer):
Medical insurance in case of illness of employees and family members (in addition to free medical care in medical institutions, according to the contract No. 741499/2022/1 dated 01.08.2022 concluded with JSC Insurance Company Eurasia, funds for dental services and medicines 27,000 tenge are transferred to the employee on a special medical card);
Mandatory occupational pension contributions (additional transfer of 5% at the employer’s expense to the employee’s pension account for harmful working conditions);
Additional paid annual leave of 12 calendar days (for employees engaged in heavy work, work with harmful (especially harmful) and (or) dangerous working conditions);
In case of fulfillment of the planned indicators of the Business Plan of SSAP LLP according to the results of the reporting period (quarter, half-year, 9 months, year), as well as for the purpose of additional material incentives (due to savings in the wage fund), bonuses are awarded to employees of SSAP LLP;
Financial assistance to employees of SSAP LLP:
⁃ in connection with the birth/ adoption/ adoption of a child in the amount of – 4 MCI;
 ⁃ in connection with the death of an employee – in the amount of 16 MCI;
 ⁃ in connection with the death of the spouse, children, parents of the employee (excluding the parents of the spouse) – in the amount of 10 MCI;
One-time payment to socially vulnerable employees of SSAP LLP:
 ⁃ large families with four or more minor children, in the amount of 30 MCI;
 ⁃ families raising disabled children, in the amount of 30 MCI.